Saturday, April 30, 2016

Meet the Rider: Chuck Marble #85

Chuck #85 is among the 10 riders to participate in all the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge after seeing a poster at House of Harley in Anchorage, Alaska. No one there really knew anything about it so he did a little research, found a phone number and called Beth. She told him it was going to be a “Once in a life time experience.”  2010 was not a good year for Chuck after crashing in the everglades on day one he was forced to end what was to be an epic ride after riding his Ultra classic all the way from Alaska. Not willing to be defeated he signed up for the “Granddaddy” of HHMC’s in 2011 riding the contiguous 48 states and two provinces.  Passing each other several times before joining forces Chuck and Junie Rose #383 (who had not made it to Alaska that first year either) arrived in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia together to a small but sincere welcoming committee.  Chuck realized his limitations and was determined not to give up despite obstacles he encountered over several events such as ending up in a tick infested swamp in Minnesota. Matt Wolf #785 and Chuck picked the ticks off each other after getting the bike back on the road and Chuck realized with a “tank of gas and a roll of duct tape” a HHMC could do anything.
Fatigue is real according to Chuck and should be heeded. He feels the HHMC has been a life changing adventure where age nor gender are a factor and spends time passing out flyers and talking to fellow riders he feels may have the “itch for long distance riding.” Renegade Harley Davidson has been helpful as sponsors with parts for his bike and discounts on labor.  Sharing a passion for the Pine Ridge Indian reservation he has helped with making a connection to “Gleaning for the World” so blankets could be donated by the truck load.

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