Monday, March 28, 2016

Meet the Riders: John Levins #735

John Levins #735, from Panama City Beach, Florida learned about the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge from his childhood friend and riding partner Eric Buskell #733. John rode his first Challenge in 2012. The death of his father earlier that year was the impetus as John says, “it inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and go ride.”

John had a turn of bad luck during his second Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge when he hit a deer in British Columbia in 2014. His injuries were severe enough to end his Challenge there instead of the finish line in Homer, AK. The end of John’s 2014 Hoka Hey ride was not the end of his story. John was medevac'd out of British Columbia to Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane Washington where his Aunt Sandie Kessler, head of operating nurses, helped him through surgery and later cared for John in her own home for another week before he flew back home to Panama City Beach, Florida.

He loves pushing himself out of his comfort zone and getting off the beaten path. He feels more people friendly than in his past and believes he has gained a new family in Hoka Hey. An eye opener for John is something he calls “road doping,” John explains it is a feeling you get after long hours/days of riding, “where you are in the middle of nowhere and people who aren’t there are cheering you on.”

He suggests new riders take their time and enjoy the ride. Try not to get frustrated and have the experience of a life time. Southern Iron Kustoms in Panama City Beach, Florida is sponsoring John for the 2016 Challenge. The Muscogee Indian Nation’s rural relief project in Bruce community near Panama City, Florida is John’s charity of choice.

John is looking forward to the 2016 Challenge & says he wouldn’t skip riding any of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenges if possible.

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