Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Meet the New Riders: Abby Clabough #846

Abby Clabough rider #846 has wanted to do the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge ever since she heard about it. Talking with Heinz Spielvogel #332, and following his journey and then talking to Junie Rose #383 finalized the desire.  She had to do this ride. She considers herself somewhat of a “motorcycle psycho” and after retiring a softail and purchasing a new road glide thought, “How could you have a new bike and not ride 20k to break it in.”  Doing the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge this year for her is a “dream come true.” Being an avid rider, loving to just shoot across country for the weekend with her very supportive boyfriend and teaching a motorcycle safety class has helped Abby prepare for this event. She is well aware that anything can happen on the road. She loves the idea of sleeping next to her steed and looks forward to saving the money most spend on sleeping (at a hotel)  “A little scary but I think I will get use to it.”

First Gear and Bikers Choice have been supportive of Abby’s plan to ride the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge and have provided some gear for her to test. Abby is raising money & support for A Women’s Shelter in Greeley, CO. who deal with domestic violence. It is not always a popular subject to deal with, but Abby is helping in her community. She also loves the chance to support the Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce with entrepreneurial efforts to create a strong economy for the people who live there.  if you want to follow along as Abby gets ready for her Hoka Hey Challenge, she has a fantastic blog at HokaHeyAbby.com.