Friday, May 13, 2016

Meet the Rider: Gabe Carrera # 804

Gabe # 804 got the bug for long distance riding from Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenger # 168 Jeff Kohn. He feels if he had never ridden the challenge he probably would not be the man he is today. He calls it the Hoka Hey spirit. This spirit taught him to "not quit. Go the extra mile." Too which he also attributes the determination he needed do The Pan American Motorcycle Children's Run, that started in Del Fuego, Argentina to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. He didn't set any speed records but is recognized by the IBA for the distance he rode and is anxiously waiting to hear from the Guinness Book of world records.  He says because of the help from God and the Hoka Hey he is the rider he is today. 

He  is reminded of the experiences in his first HHMC thinking about the night he was riding across South Dakota and was pulled over by a policeman. The observant officer gave him two choices, "You can go to jail and I will let you out in the morning after you get some sleep, or you can follow me to the park where some of your HHMC brothers and sisters are sleeping."  He chose the later where he laughed when he arrived there to find quite a collection of fatigued riders. Busy night for the officer for sure. He recommends the HHMC to people who want to find a new self and advises them "it will only hurt for the first three days." 

Gabe is being sponsored by Star-Tron/ Star-Brite and Chrome Glow lights, both have provided him with products he strongly endorses. He remembers being on his record setting adventure and running out of gas, but was thankful he had brought a generous supply of Star-Tron enzyme fuel treatment so he dumped several bottles in his empty tank and made it to the next gas station.

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  1. Awesome, looks like a great adventure. Thanks for the share.