Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Meet the New Rider: Rob Funk # 854

Rob # 854 met some riders coming through British Columbia in 2010 and has followed the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge ever since, literally. With the use of the US Fleet Tracking device and not even knowing anyone he kept a close eye on the riders and their progress in the different events. He likes long distance riding and wants to see how far he can go in this year’s event. 

Rob will be riding a 2009 Indian Standard and has been riding for about 12 years. His plan is to take the ride “One day at a time,” and looks forward to the financial and moral support his coworkers have offered to help him make his ride one to remember. Supporting the Pine Ridge area Chamber of Commerce on social media he wants to help with fund raising efforts.


  1. Hey Rob, me and Sandra and all from waterbridge are rootin for you. Be safe and have a hoot !!. Good luck with the snakes and spiders!!

  2. Hey Rob, ride safe, have a great trip and enjoy, shiny side up bud! :0) Lisa