Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Meet the New Rider: Brad Edmonds # 867

Brad # 867 can’t recall where or when he first learned about the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge but what he does remember is he immediately realized this would be something he would enjoy doing. He has a passion for long distance riding but 99.9% of his long distance riding has been alone. Finding kindred spirits such as is with the riders of the HHMC is one thing he liked about what he heard. Not only finding people who enjoy long distance riding but finding compatible, passionate riding partners that have the same schedule becomes difficult as well. So to find out he was going to be riding with people who when asked to ride a 1000 miles for a cheeseburger would do something like that really interested him.  
His love for riding was kindled when he was 6 years old at a company picnic with his Mom. A friend of hers brought a mini bike to the picnic and when asked if he would like to try it was so enjoying it they couldn’t get him off the bike. He just didn’t want to stop riding. He remembers all the fun times he had with his Grandfather Ken Keller, who was one of the first American stunt riders on his 1928 Indian Scout. His Grandfather road the wall of death in circuses in Pennsylvania and in the late 1960’s took Brad on trips on his Honda 650 so he thinks it must be in his DNA. So this year’s ride will be a tribute to his Grandfather “I ride alone, yet I’m not alone. God’s spirit and Ken’s spirit live within me.”

Learning a few tips from HHMC rider # 373 Terry Smith such as pace yourself, and don’t over pack, Brad looks forward to meeting his facebook friend Terry in person in California soon.  Brad currently is putting on miles riding the “Tour of Honor” and supports Operation Warrior. One of the things that really attracted Brad to the HHMC event is the compassion and care other riders show for the needs of people.


  1. Best of luck Brad! From your neighbor at the Peninsula- Dennis Murphy

  2. Harley, Bandit and I will be watching your ride. Praying for your safety and the safety of all of the riders ... enjoy the journey!!! We are missing you. Hoka Hey ... Lina

  3. Most excellent job Brad. Especially after you've finished. Loopy