Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Meet the Rider: Walter Ledig # 290

Walter #290 of Minden, LA. has ridden 2010,11,12,13 of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge after attending a HOG rally in his home state standing in line for coffee. Someone was talking about a ride from Key West, FL. to Homer, AK and he wanted to know more. Fortunately the guy had some info on his bike he shared with Walter and after thinking about it for a week and like most didn’t know much about it, signed up. He, like a lot of others had no idea about the plight of the American Indian and it became a sobering thought to him after realizing there is a lot of poverty, substance abuse and unemployment on the Indian Reservations he rode across during that first event making him want to help by digging into his own pockets.
He feels 80 to 90 percent of riding the HHMC is mental so a “NO QUIT” attitude is what Walter has and recommends to help make the ride to the finish line. In 2010 Walter and fellow rider Bill Doyle had just ridden through Mexican Hat and the Moki Dugway when they came across “Ranger” a fellow rider who was broke down and had been down for 6 hrs. before they came across him. Although Ranger was pretty capable of fixing his steed this was something he could not fix and needed a trailer ride to a capable garage.  They left him with plenty of fluids and promised to send help. One of the happiest memories was in Homer, AK were he and Ranger reunited thanks to the assistance of some other “Rangers” who told Walter when he asked them to let him know when they sent someone said” Sir, this is what we do!”
Minden Motorsports has been helpful to Walter in the past events and Walter would like to help support Louisiana Teen Challenge, which a Christian organization close to his home and near to his heart.

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