Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Meet the Rider: Gary Trumper # 164

Gary # 164 is one of the few riders who can say he has participated in all of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge events including the Memorial ride in 2015 where rider payed homage to the 4 fallen riders the challenge has lost. The $500,000. purse and the connection with the Native American’s  was a reason he was interested when he read about the challenge in the back of an Outlaw Magazine.  So many memories, it’s hard for Gary to single out one memory as his favorite but does recall taking a picture of a guy on a white horse in the bushes because he thought he was imagining it. Sleeping on a picnic table in Alaska he recalls when he woke up he didn’t know which direction he needed to go. He saw a car go by so he chased it down and asked the driver which way was north. 

Gary has made many new friends riding the different years. In the past he has ridden for himself but this year plans to focus on others in 2016. He recommends the ride to people searching for their inner strength and says “enjoy the ride and take as little stuff as possible.” He recommends proteins on the ride because “gas station food will kill you.” Helping others is something Gary has taken seriously, enough that he supports another family on a daily basis.

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