Sunday, May 1, 2016

Meet the New Rider: Rick Keeney III # 830

Rick # 830 is from Oakdale, MN. and grew up playing hockey ah! and challenging himself. So learning about the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge when running into a rider in Las Vegas who was from NY and just road there for a cup of coffee made Rick want to hear a little more from this adventurous soul. Reasonably new to the riding scene Rick started riding 5 yrs ago and will ride his 2013 Road glide. The best advice he has been given was about pickles. Apparently if you are fatigued, buy one of those big pickles but don’t eat the pickle just drink the juice. Look out five hour energy, vlasic is snapping at your heals.
He feels prepared for warm or cold and has made sure he has 5 different positions for his feet and legs. So pack up the cooler full of pickle juice and let’s ride.  St. Paul Harley Davidson has helped with parts for Ricks bike and is planning on fund raising for the Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce.

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