Friday, May 6, 2016

Meet the New Rider: Wes Alvarez # 847

Wes # 847 of Pensacola, FL. was inspired to ride the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge because his wife is from the Poarch band of Creek Indians and for the last 23 years has heard from her about the plight she went through growing up in Alabama. This event allows Wes to merge several aspects of his life in belief of serving others and heart for the Native Americans and the joy of riding. It is a “worth while endeavor” allowing him to find in himself a level of commitment, integrity and character and at the same time bring “awareness to a people who want to improve themselves.” Physically Wes feels prepared although he was rear ended on his motorcycle in Ca. in February and his knee is not 100%, but mentally and spiritually is where he feels he needs to improve.  
Riding a 2012/13 Street glide combo bike and 20 years of riding experience gives Wes the confidence he needs to be successful. Fund raising efforts, because of the accident have been side lined but hopes the irons he has in the fire will be ready shortly.


  1. Mission:M25 is backing this young man! Let's just get this thing done Hailstone!

  2. See you in San Diego! Getting close...very close.