Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Meet the Rider: Tom Hunter # 706

Tom # 706 resides in Shallote, NC and is 75 yrs. young. He has ridden and completed all three Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge’s he has done 2012, 13, 14 after he found out how addictive riding it is. He was reading about it in Full Throttlemagazine and decided after sharing the idea with his Grandson and was told by his daughter he was too old,  to sign up the next day. He is pretty certain it was Sasquatch who knocked him off his steed in the Yukon in 2014, but is going to ride this year too. He says he has never done anything that has affected him like the HHMC. Remembering coming across the finish line in 2012 thinking he was way behind only to find he had made it as a “Finisher” was a pretty proud day for Tom.  Tim handed him his phone and said “Call your daughter.”
Sleeping in the dirt while waiting for the pilot car in Yellowstone is a creative way Tom got a little rest, but he wasn’t the only one in his family who is sleep deprived when he rides HHMC, his wife stays up watching and praying every time he is stopped for more than 20 minutes. When asked if he made any new friends while riding the event Tom replied “No not friends, brothers and sisters.” Family is important to Tom and he says they live by the slogan “Good day to LIVE.”  He advises new riders to pay attention to former riders because they have “been there and done that.” And advice he was given by veteran rider Terry Smith, “You don’t have to take a bunch of junk with you” he would pass on to new riders as well.

Tom has just recently been sponsored by Daytona Helmets!!!

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