Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Meet the Rider: Rob Keller #299

Rob # 299 has been a part of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge since the beginning while working for Cycle Source magazine who was involved in putting together an event as part of the HHMC settling the 100 year war over Indian motorcycles and Harley Davidson’s to see who got to Homer first. They’re still debating that one. Rob recalls a “chicken fight” he had in New Mexico with a bull in the middle of the road, who was determined to win, but fortunately for Rob who at 30 feet away was thinking this may not come out to well, was pleased the bull went one way and he went the other. But that was not the only critter encounter he experienced out there, he also recalls being in Alaska with friend and brother rider Robert Stapleford # 376 who ended up parked under a female moose. They were following a cager who hit their brakes suddenly, forcing Robert to smoke his rear tire in an attempt to stop, but when the smoke cleared was parked right under that Momma moose. Not alarmed by the encounter she sauntered over him and into the ditch beside them. After realizing he had been under the moose exclaimed “Man do those things stink. Now I know what moose ass smells like.”

Showering for Rob was whenever the opportunity arose. Reminded of the first night of the challenge in Rossmeyers Harley Davidson parking lot as the sprinkler system went off, Rob jumped out of his tent butt naked, chasing the sprinklers and took the opportunity to hose off, hoping the sprinklers wouldn’t shut off before he was finished. He will be riding this year after encouraging friend # 837 Dave Krider to take on this “exhilarating” challenge and will collectively be doing fund raising for several different causes. They will be raising funds and awareness to the Homeless Vets in Pittsburgh, Sponsor the troops, AidanJack Seeger Foundation and the Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce. Using his talent as a musician a concert and benefit fund raiser will take place to help accomplish their goal. Working with his Wife Karen and Dave’s girlfriend Kim they plan on covering a lot of ground.The have set up a gofundme account where donations can be made.

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