Saturday, May 7, 2016

Meet the New rider: Tom Suzor # 853

Tom # 853 is from St. Louis, Mo. and of course heard about the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge from none other then veteran rider Terry Meyer #264 and his friend and support team member for the 2010 challenge Kevin Pyle. Over the years Tom has wanted to do the ride but couldn’t get away but stay close to his computer screen and followed the event with the tracker link. He is finally going to get the opportunity to ride this year and has started getting out to the Gateway Harley Davidson events and sharing his intentions with fellow riders. HAWG Hardware is sponsoring him as well.
Tom gave himself his first Harley for his 50th birthday 10 yrs ago and will be riding a 2013 Street glide for this year’s event. “Know your limitations and know what you are capable of” was advice he received from veteran Michigan rider Rich Griffith # 725 and thinks that is a good way to ride.

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  1. Good Luck Tommy--Ride as hard as the road allows!