Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Meet the New Rider: Guy Paquin # 865

Guy # 865 joins us from Montreal, Quebec for his first attempt at the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge after learning about the long distance challenge on the internet. He was attracted by the core value surrounding the event. Being a long distance rider already he has been being very intentional in sorting his gear and is training by taking long rides to test how efficiently things are going to work while out on his journey.

 Roughing it is not a new concept for Guy after serving 30 years in the military but says he does not believe in being uncomfortable just for the sake of being uncomfortable. He has a plan of action to make sure he gets the rest he needs to accomplish his goal of finishing the challenge and has implemented a way to “fine tune” his efforts. 

Guy has come up with an awesome idea for his fund raising efforts to help the Canadian Diabetes Association. He will contact the Canadian Harley Davidson dealerships and their HOG chapters to execute his efforts and for their assistance with crowd funding he has promised to return and share his experience on the HHMC and speak on everything from preparation to lessons learned while doing his ride. He will ride to all contributing groups within 1000 miles from Montreal and organize virtual conferences via Skype for those further afar. He will be doing fund raising for the Canadian Diabetes Association and a link has been provided to make giving easy.

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