Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Meet the Rider: Kurt Kvennejorde # 789

Kurt # 789 of Kvinesdal, Norway has ridden two Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge's in 2013 and 2014. He was inspired to ride the event after meeting a rider in Norway who had done the challenge and told him it was the "toughest, hardest ride on earth." He laughed at that and said "I really have to check this out." The critters really seem to be attracted to Kurt riding the back roads. Considering himself an introvert, Kurt was pleased to finally have a "family" that has the same passion for long distance riding and stepping out of their comfort zone. Nexus in his language is what he feels best describes the HHMC, which means connecting two or more things, sound about right.

Remembering an early morning in Nebraska brought emotions he hadn't experienced since childhood. He recalls how he felt like he found himself, lost himself then found himself again. Canada and Alaska were the most memorable and most difficult for Kurt. Wild life and wild roads about sums it up! The best advice Kurt has for new riders is "sleep when the ghosts come jumping in the road." He recommends church's as a good place to sleep. Quiet and safe.

Renting his motorcycles from Eagle Riders with unlimited miles was music to Kurt's ears but when he returned the Indian he road in the 2014 event with no tread left on the tires and a screaming drive chain may give cause to rethink that policy. Hopefully not before he rides 2016.

"You shall never bother others. You shall be both fair and kind, and whatever else you do I shall not mind."

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