Saturday, May 7, 2016

Meet the Rider: Steve Briscoe #779

Steve, Hoka Hey Rider #779, is not only a rider but is also the Director of
Logistical Operations for the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge Board of
Directors. So yes, this is the guy you will have to love or hate depending
on how you enjoyed the route. Steve stumbled onto the HHMC while doing a
google search and was disappointed to learn the 2010 Challenge had left
three days earlier heading to Homer, Alaska. Continuing his research about
the ride he decided this was a ride he had to do, wanting to prove to
himself "that he still had it." It was not until 2013, due to a couple of
back to back deployments to serve his country, that Steve finally got his
chance. One of his best memories of that ride was a rain soaked, hail
riddled New Mexico morning were he pulled up in front of a restaurant
thinking he would get a hot cup of coffee and warm his bones.  He remembers
the look from an elderly couple who, after coming out the front door, took
one look at Steve and turned around and went back inside. Thinking the
couple was "concerned" by what looked like a drowned rat on a grungy
motorcycle that they had probably gone back inside to warn their friends and
call 911.  Instead, Steve was amazed, surprised and humbled when the couple
came back out with a cup of coffee for him and a smile on their faces.
Another fond memory for him was in Arkansas was when he ended up going 50
miles the wrong way on a perfect road with sweeping curves, smooth pavement,
no traffic, and no wildlife.  Upon realizing he was going the wrong way he
was not at all irritated because now he could ride the perfect road again.
Scary trees that looked like flying dragons and lions with wings was part of
the mental game Steve dealt with at 2:00AM in Northern Minnesota after an
1100 mile day.  The Challenge will try to break you, but it will entertain
you as well.

He loves the integrity of the riders and says if you are riding the HHMC for
personal gain you probably missed the point of the ride. Exhilarating,
frustrating and awestruck are just a few words Steve would use to describe
his experience, but he had determined failure was not an option.  Steve has
taken on The Roever Foundation / Operation Warrior RECONnect as a fund
raising effort while doing his ride this year. He is also the author of
"Solitary - Without the Confinement" which is a narrative of self-discovery
that was born during the 2013 Challenge.

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