Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Meet the Rider: Garry Simoneaux # 619

Garry, # 619 has participated in two Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge’s. The granddaddy of HHMC in 2011 that went 48 states and 2 provinces and 2014 from Key West, Fl. to Homer, AK. He read about a police officer from his home town in Texas in a local news paper who was attempting the 2010 event. Wanting to know more he did a little internet research and found he had just missed the first event and although he knew “he wasn’t fast enough to win” he looked to challenge himself. But what he did find in himself was a will to persevere. Garry broke his ankle the first night of the 2011 challenge and rather than give up then, he went home and got his tri-glide and continued on to Nova Scotia. Sleeping in loud truck stops was not his best choice of accommodations but found behind banks and service stations was a much more restful choice.  By challenging himself this way it has help him realize he can go anywhere on his bike. The longest ride he had ever been on was to Colorado.
Looking back on his experiences he loved the Cabot trail for its beauty and remembers how difficult it was riding Lola pass in the rain at night because the cars on the pass stayed right up on him. The best advice he was given was “Don’t get saddled with someone.” Ride as an individual. He recommends “Enjoy every minute of it. It may seem like it will never end but when it does it's over and all you have are the memories.”

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