Sunday, July 1, 2018

Meet The Rider: Terry Smith # 373

A seasoned Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenger Terry started riding when he was 6 years old. He has ridden all of the challenges except the 2014. The first year he showed up in Fl. with enough stuff in a chase vehicle to rebuild the bike he was riding because the first year you were allow to have a crew and Terry was chasing the $500k. But no amount of preparation will ever be enough for the May flies on the bridge in Illinois. While riding across a grated bridge covered two feet deep in flies that had a sack on them that made the bridge like a ice skating rink, Terry and riding friend Chris went sliding. While on the side of the road make repairs to Chris's bike they watch as three dump trucks were filled with dead flies.

Terry checks his pulse with riding. Looking for the next road in front of him is all he anticipates as a well worn rider. There are plenty of adventures out there a person can do that doesn't challenge the rider the way the HHMC does. He loves the adventure. Terry met Chris in FL. the first day of the first event after he stopped and picked up Chris's helmet. They don't say much to each other but they like it that way.

He will be raising money for American Legion Legacy Scholarships

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