Saturday, July 7, 2018

Meet The New Rider Harold Chase # 940

My first exposure to motorcycles was on a friend's Honda Trail 90, I think I was in third grade, His house had a dirt horse-riding ring out back and it was an awesome place to learn to ride.  At some point in my early twenties I got Harleyitis and bought a new '84 Roadster. It was a very fun bike to ride. That bike taught  me a lot about motorcycle mechanics.  
I first heard about the Hoka Hey on a radio news report about a rider fatality on a "crazy race from Florida to Alaska". I have followed the challenge on the internet and I knew at some point I had to do it.  That time has finally come.
My wife and I have enjoyed riding for many years.
I have outfitted my bike for the Hoka Hey style of riding. I have installed clipboards and a light for reading directions at night.  I've never used GPS on a bike so that is no worry.  Since I was a small child I have been the family navigator so maps are second nature to me. I always pack light as I was once an avid hiker.  I have taken some long day trips to test my endurance and equipment choices.  I seem to be prone to leg cramps at about 7-800 miles so I am working on some stretches and regular breaks. I also spent $60.00 on a pair of long-distance underwear, I will be trying those out soon. I am thinking of installing a cooling mister to help deal with the heat. I do not worry about rain as I am from Seattle and we ride in the rain all the time although the recent tropical storm near Panama City looked interesting.
I am looking forward to simple days; ride, sleep, repeat. 
I am a late addition to the Challenge and I have told very few people about it so I haven't been accused of insanity yet.  Most of the people I have told have just nodded and accepted it as another event on the long list of odd things I have done.  .
This is my first Hoka Hey Challenge and I will dedicate my charitable work to the N8V Generation.

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