Sunday, July 8, 2018

Meet The New Rider Larry Patten # 941

Larry heard about the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge last November. He read a story of the experiences of Mark Hopkins on the first ride in 2010. The ride intrigued him but he was pretty sure that it would take too much time out of a busy schedule to make it happen. However it seemed like he could not stop thinking about it. 

What drew him to the challenge was the thought of stretching his endurance over and above what is expected along with the joy of riding. The draw of riding without the benefit of modern technology along with sleeping with your bike appealed to him too. When he brought the subject up to his wife Elizabeth she was supportive and encouraged him to sign up. He believes the biggest challenge during the ride will be staying alert and knowing when it is time to rest. He is committed to not only finishing the ride but finishing it safely. He is also expecting the long days will move him far enough out of his comfort zone to allow him to get a small taste of a warrior’s life of sacrificing comfort. He is hoping his ride will show honor and respect for the many soldiers who over the years who have sacrificed so much to protect our freedoms.

 He is raising money during the ride for a charity called iWarriors. This is a small charity started in 2011 and dedicated to providing our combat wounded with a personalized iPad to allow them to communicate better with their families and also to help them through the challenges of returning to civilian life. Many of the current recipients of the iPads are suffering from PTSD and the iPads are giving them new tools to cope with the issues of life after war. He has started a Facebook page that has links to the charity and also will allow those interested to track his progress through the ride.Donations can be made at Larry Patten Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge
When not riding, Larry enjoys camping, fishing, and spending time with his wife and family. He is looking forward to meeting new people and seeing new things during the ride, and also the long hours of being alone with his thoughts as he rides. While he fully expects to complete the ride he is aware of the many challenges ahead and will accept whatever comes. 

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