Friday, July 13, 2018

Meet The New Rider Ramiro Pedraza Rider # 934

Meet #934 Ramiro Pedraza, first time Hoka Hey Challenge rider. Since 2016 when Ramiro went with his sister to meet her finance at the half way mark, the Hoka Hey has been on his mind. Ramiro works for an electric utility company as a field technician so he knows about enduring long hours.
For fun he likes meeting new people any chance he gets, be it during a stop while out on a ride, or walking his dog. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, hanging out, swimming, and sitting around the fire.

To get prepared for the Hoka Hey, he has been spending time in the gym, working as much overtime as possible, reviewing maps and getting as much riding time on technical roads.
His sponsors are MX Gear, MO Graphics, and Chi-Town Harley Davidson. Family and friends have been helping by picking up small things he will need while on his journey. Friends have given him words of encouragement, and shared experiences they have had that might be useful.

The best piece of advice he has been given about the challenge was: To ride his own ride, enjoy what he’s doing.
The charity he connects to and is riding for is The Juvenile Diabetes No Limits Foundation (JDNL) which is a young Non-Profit Foundation formed in 2009. The Foundation’s mission is to help individuals with juvenile (type 1) diabetes pursue and achieve their dreams. In 2010 they added a drivers Mini- camp for Teens with Diabetes, “Check B4U Drive” (CB4UD) A safe driving program for T1D teens, it’s about learning to identify and react to critical driving situation...And to be in control of your diabetes. CB4UD, to stay safe, and keep other people safe too. To not let diabetes limit what you can achieve, which is why the Hoka Hey challenge is worthwhile for me to do because I want to see what I got and, how independent I can be, have life changing experiences and prove to myself that there is no limit to what I can accomplish. That anything worthwhile doing in life might not be easy but it teaches you to be independent, helps with new life experiences and opens up your mind to all kinds of different opportunities. No limits!

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