Friday, July 6, 2018

Meet The New Rider Chris Hopper # 937

Chris started riding dirt bikes as a kid and eventually moved into the Harley scene.  Rode with his wife for a year until she decided she wanted her own bike, so now she rides a Harley Free wheeler.  We love taking long trips and ride the hill country here in Texas quite often.  We've ridden to Big Bend and recently just returned from riding all over Arkansas.  He stumbled across the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge while looking for some Iron Butt ride suggestions.  After a bit of research, he thought this would be an amazing challenge.

 He loves doing long rides to new places.  He think it's going to be more mental than physical.  Chris doesn't  personally know anyone that's done it, so he is looking forward to meeting people and getting as many pointers as he can.  he has never done a 10k miler (or anything close), so he is very excited and looking forward to the challenge.  Finishing within the 2 weeks is the main goal.

 Chris is  riding for youth and education - through the Hold 'Em & Hit 'Em Club here in Houston, they give scholarships to kids who may not be able to attend college through various rodeo's around Houston by purchasing livestock, art work, or direct donations to individual kids.

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