Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Meet The New Rider Joy Hutsenpillar # 928

I heard about the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge through friends in November of 2016, shortly after a brain tumor surgery.  Applying to ride in the challenge was my response to doctors telling me my balance may not improve enough to ride my motorcycle again.  Shame on them!  Lol

I enjoy gardening and working on our koi pond.  I have two American Bulldogs that fill up our days with chaos and surprises.  As of lately, camping may be a new hobby!  This statement coming from someone who regarded camping meaning no room service.  Lol
I was intrigued by the HHMC being geared towards the individuals experience.  You are your own competition.  The fears and insecurities you will face will be on a very intimate level, and no doubt will change you.  Personal growth is inevitable!  As a group, the Hoka Hey participants are rolling philanthropists.  I am very proud to be riding in a fellowship with such generous and impressive riders.

For me, regaining confidence in the saddle after surgery, not my balance, was my greatest challenge.  Going on road trips by myself helped me recapture that self-reliance needed to safety ride.  Testing gear for trip to be functional and versatile has been more difficult than I thought, especially packing for 14 days and different climates.  Getting quality rest is a concern for sure!  The best advise I have received is “Give your body rest before it screams for it!” and staying hydrated.
One of my biggest supporters is my mother, whom worries every time I am out riding, but is very proud of me.  My hubby is so supportive that he is joining me for the experience!  My friends say they are not surprised and can’t wait to watch our progress on fleet tracking, and colleagues thinks I am nuts!

A BIG thank you to Harley Davidson World in Oklahoma City who are preparing my Road King for the trip from headlight to license plate.  Your support shows the family vibe that Harley Davidson World is known for.  Hands down, the best service department out there!  You guys rock! 

My chosen charity is Firstep Mens’ Recovery Center in Oklahoma City, OK.  My goal is $7,500 at to gift to this program that is close to my family’s heart.  This program helped a family member get off the street and into recovery.   500 men and women have participated in Firstep in the past year.  No one is turned away because of their inability to pay.  There is a wish list as well on of everyday needed items that would be greatly appreciated.

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