Saturday, July 14, 2018

Meet The New Rider Michael Richardson # 931

I first heard about the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge from my father-in-law Bob Stegeman, when he ventured out on his first trip several years ago. During his time riding the challenge he bonded with people that he remains in contact with till this day. I think getting around people that have the passion that you have for riding and building friendships is what it’s all about.
Too often than not people get caught up in life’s business and forget about what really matters. For me family, God, building friendships and getting to see this beautiful country (which is always better on two wheels) are what matters. This challenge will allow riders to see things that most people in life will never get to see as the interstate by-passes most of this great nation. Being able to step away from phones, work, I-pads and all the things that consume our lives to travel down the back roads is one of the biggest reasons for taking this ride. During my off time and not riding motorcycles I spend time with family and friends. I have a loving wife and two kiddos so in between, softball, baseball, soccer and basketball, which consumes most of my time; we enjoy spending time in the sun near a pool or beach.
So far overcoming obstacles have been very limited leading up to this event. The biggest thing for me would be getting all my work caught up prior to leaving for the challenge. My preparation for this challenge in all aspects including financially, mentally, and physically has been a several month process. I’ve taken several long trips over the last two years and have explored what it’s like to sleep out under the stars next to my bike. I am devoted to physical fitness and believe I have my body at its optimal performance level.   
My biggest supporters for me would be my wife, kids and close family. Venturing out into a challenge that would test me mentally, emotionally and physically I need a strong support group. My wife has been one of the biggest supporters of me during our 20 years together pushing me to pursue things that would otherwise seem out of reach.
A properly fueled body would be the best piece of advice given to me in regards to maintaining the ability to complete this challenge. Keeping my body fueled and hydrated will allow me to keep my mind clear and my muscles strong.
I’ll be honest, most people think I’m crazy for even attempting this challenge and maybe in some ways I am. But I feel through the support of my family and friends, pure strength and determination it will all be worth it in the end.  

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