Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Meet The New Rider Greg Hutsenpillar # 929

Not only does Greg love to ride his motorcycle but he earns a living repairing them. Friends in Medicine Park introduced Greg and Joy, his wife to the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge while watching the 2016 riders on US Fleet Tracking and decided "We can do this." The whole challenge, no hotels, two lane roads, seeing a whole bunch of the country he has never seen are what he found interesting about what he was hearing.  "If I don't do this I probably never will see them."

Something that really caught Greg's attention was the caliper of riders the HHMC attracts. Knowing it is an individual challenge they have discussed the what ifs. Staying alert and eating properly, getting decent sleep and staying relaxed is key to the success. He really doesn't know what to expect so he will take things as they come. He has been told he is too old and maybe a little crazy for trying the challenge but that will not stop him and his wife give it their best.

The First Step Program will be benefiting from his ride.

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