Friday, July 6, 2018

Meet The New Rider Mary Abbott # 946

 My good friend Robert Saunooke introduced me to the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge.
I am a very active person. I do a lot of traveling both nationally & internationally. I enjoy going to the theater, festivals, fishing, the beach , scuba diving, horseback riding & boating. I also enjoy spending time with my family.
 I kept hearing from numerous riders in the HHMC how it was the most amazing  spiritual experience in their lives. That it will challenge me beyond comprehension. A true test of my mettle, confidence, integrity & skills. Not for the faint of heart. So, of course I said I'm in! 
I've increased my exercise regiment. To prepare mentally, I've been watching YouTube videos, reading Blogs etc and talking to past participants. Trying to soak up all the  info I can.  My main obstacle right now is the fact that at the beginning of June I was involved in a major car accident that messed up my right ankle and left shoulder. I've been going to physical therapy etc. and I will be in tip top shape for the event. (prayers)
  I am being sponsored by Alligator Alley Harley Davidson. My biggest supporter is my wife, Monique. She knows how much this means to me and has been very encouraging even though she doesn't understand why "I have to do it this year." She says that I don't have anything to prove to anyone.  I reassured her, I don't care about proving anything to anyone else just to myself. I've  received a lot of support from our community of riders and Alligator Alley H-D. 
 Even though my friends love all it represents, they think I'm crazy for wanting to do it. The concept of sleeping next to my bike along with ALL the miles we will ride in such a short amount of time, ruins it for most of my friends. LOL The single best piece of advice you have been given about the challenge? If I'm tired...sleep. Ride my own ride.
It not only brings awareness to the motorcycling community but it also raises awareness for social issues. Plus, it is a great way to see what I'm made of 😊

My charity is "No Perfect People Inc."  They are a group of people who are passionate about making a positive impact in our community and in the world.

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