Monday, July 2, 2018

Meet The New Rider Charlie Farrel # 923

Reasonably new at motorcycle riding Charlie admitted it didn't take long to find out how much he enjoyed riding. He finds it therapeutic. He learned about the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge from fellow Coasty Dan, who rode the challenge in 2012. The attraction was not long miles or sleeping next to the bike but the core values the challenge invokes.

Charlie is packing his bike and trying to ride some good distance rides to prepare. As a former marathon runner he plans to apply things he used to complete the marathon to his challenge. He intends to ride dusk to dawn but is willing to change that if needed. "Sometimes you hit a wall and just have to stop."  He knows he will probably get lost but one of the things he is considering are bears.

Yeti is helping with a discount so Charlie is planning on taking advantage of that and get a cooler for his bike. Big Agnes has given him a discount on sleeping equipment and Ocean County Motor Sports has given him a new tire. American Legion Riders Post 348 - Brick, NJ   will be helping with financial support for this 30 year veteran of the USCG. Trinity Motorcycle Ministry  will be offering support and encouragement. And to keep his beard well managed Bumbershoot & Co will be providing him with product support. All those things add up to savings for Charlie to have more for other needs.

He loves to see the country, especially the west and is looking forward to the wild life and finding those one gas pump kind of towns. He has five children who he knows will be following him on the US Fleet Tracking. John Eldredge wrote a book Charlie read and one of the things he read was everyone needs to do something like the HHMC just to know you are really alive.

Charlies and his son in law, owner of  Global Grounds Coffee Company Colorado Springs are working together.  Each year Global Grounds  supports The Messenger Cup, a Golf Tournament and Alpine Experience held at the prestigious Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs. Each year the Messangers Cup supporters, underwriters and participants generosity impacts millions through leadership development and anti-human trafficking initiatives.

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