Thursday, July 12, 2018

Meet The New Rider Eugene Lopez # 935

I first heard of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge back in 2010 from Nate Curley rider # 191, he was a tool pusher on a rig I was doing directional work on, he was going to the ride before I left that drill site.  More often than not I'm  working  on some drill site somewhere away from home, but other than getting on my bike to head out somewhere , I try to get in some deep sea fishing in the gulf of Mexico  a couple times a year, or take a vacation  where I can get some fishing.
  I've known about the HHMC for awhile but did  know anyone else from my area that was interested in doing it until  Lee  De Leonard new rider # 892  brought it up  and my club president joined as well Robert Krauter # 898.    I applied late , got on wait list hoping to get selected,   its hard to get a few day off with my job  much less two week off. I mentioned the ride over last several month to my office when I was notified I was selected I  forwarded them the email and website link . I've pretty much been at work and will be at work all the way until  July  so that I can be able to do the ride.

  As part of a riding club , we do several iron butts a year, in fact it  is one requirement  for a prospect for our to do . In March Robert, Lee and  I did a 5000k/5 day ride  as a warm up.    In fact I'm doing a ride  to Sturgis  fully packed so I can weed out what I don’t need,  2k in two days. Mentally I'm used to long rides, I have selection of music  to aid in boredom .  financially no need to prep. I bought a 2017 CVO Streetglide in preparation for this ride, my 2014 Streetglide  had  right at 78k, didn’t want to risk long ride on that bike, it had been thru some abuses  and not made for a long ride such as this  it had 23 in wheel rack out and stretched out.

Wounded Warrior Project  will benefit from our combine efforts. 



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