Friday, May 11, 2018

Meet The Rider Tom Suzor # 853

As a retired fire fighter Tom enjoys the time he has to spend now going to the theater, attend concerts and traveling but mostly he likes to ride motorcycles. But the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge has become an addiction. Tom rode in the 2016 event but admits he was very intimidated by the challenge, but hide that from everyone including himself.  He had expectations of running the course to the finish line but that did not happen. "It took me months to get over that."

He is preparing this time to build up his confidence and knows now what it's going to take included nutrition and navigation to make the finish line in 2018. He admits there are things he never could have know without his first attempt. Support from other riders was something Tom felt was one of the reasons he got as far as he did. He feels the HHMC is an elite group he wants to be a part of.

Once his friends get past the notion  he is completely nuts they think what he is doing is awesome. "Until you ride a HHMC you can not fully understand what the HHMC is." Its something you have to earn because it is not easy, bringing you to your knees. "Check your ego at the door."

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