Thursday, May 3, 2018

Meet The Rider Kennneth Andrews # 863

This will be Kenneth's second Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge. He feels this is a spiritual journey for him and loves the community he has found in the riders. He says he has some unfinished business to do with his challenge earning the privileged to display his rider number proudly on his bike and three piece patch. Because his wife loves him "intently" keeping her from fearing for him is one of his biggest obstacle. She recognizes his passion to ride but he admits he is his biggest obstacle.

1000% adventurous and is trying to do 50 iron butt rides this year. He would like to ride the IBR as well. Comparing this type of rider to the HHMC he says the HHMC is a tribe of people who are not competing against each other but against themselves. "A tribe I wants to be a part of." "I am Hoka Hey."  It has opened him to ride 88K miles this past year. Hungry to see his Hoka Hey family he rides to Florida for lunch.

Something that will are always bring a smile to Kenneth face was an encounter him and two other riders had being pulled over for speeding. He ended up making friends with the police officer and rather than getting a ticket the officer signed his memory book.

Kenneth will be raising money for Tahlequah Men's Shelter  Working with them in the past HHMC has taught him about love and contentedness.


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