Sunday, May 13, 2018

Meet The Rider Rob Funk# 854

As a long distance rider the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge really seemed like something Rob wanted to give a try. Living up in Canada limits the amount of time you have to ride but he gets in as many miles as possible. Part of his biggest challenge was converting the miles to kilometers admits strangely enough, one of the tough things he encountered was seeing a bunch of dead rabbits on the road going through Arizona. He was hoping he had enough endurance to finish.  

Meeting up with Chuck on July 4th was a memory that always brings a smile to his face. They came through a town that was having  fireworks and decided to stop and watch them and Rob felt very special helping an American celebrate their independence day.  They ended up crossing the finish line together and he feels they encouraged each other to keep going and knows it's something he will never forget.  He wasn't sure he was going to come back for another challenge but after talking to his riding buddy Chuck he talked him into giving it another go.

Rob has a new outlook on life and feels the challenge has changed him for the better and even his family have told him that as well. He plans on packing a lot lighter this time but admits each event will have it's own challenge's so he isn't taking anything for granted.

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  1. Thars so awesome to read. Can hardly wait to follow your journey again.