Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Meet The Rider Heinz Speilvogel # 332

Heinz has participated in all the Hoka Hey Motorcycle challenges except 2012 because he had a broken ankle. In the 2016 event it took him a year and a week to complete but not wanting to leave loose ends he went back to where he had the unfortunate incident that almost cost him his life and completed where he left off. Staying healthy and strong enough to participate has been an obstacle physically and mentally.  He always keeps his bike in top shape.

The challenge to get to Alaska on a motorcycle was on his bucket list. He feels the rewards you get from riding HHMC is a small cost compared to what you get out of it.While training for the 2010 event He met future rider Abby in Mc Donald's and shared what the HHMC was and in 2016 she rode her first challenge.

Nothing Heinz has ever ridden has been like the HHMC. He hears quite often the question "you're not going to do that again are you?"  He likes that we are not riding for a prize. He feels it brings out a more dedicated rider.

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