Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Meet The Rider Russ Janzan # 843

Riding a motorcycle to Russ "Is a freedom you don't get doing anything else." This will be his second Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge. He spends a lot of time in Italy where he calls his second home. He started riding when he was young when an uncle of his introduced him to an Indian motorcycle, but didn't get real serious about it until he retired. He learned about the challenge from HHMC rider and board member Eric.

After a serious wreck last year Russ is fully recovered and looking forward to getting to the finish line for the first time. He learned the hard way to check with the powers that be about the rules in 2016 thinking he had to get to the finish line by the end of the road party to be qualified as a finisher.
Having a little bit of a competitive nature, he went into the challenge as something that set the bar a little higher then he had ever tried to reach before. He believes you can skate and get by or excel.

 "I actually thought I was going to be one of the top ten riders" but missed a turn that sent him 500 miles out of his way changed that. With a core group of riders in Florida he always has a family to ride with and share meals with and looks forward to riding with some of this in the event coming up in July.

Russ will be riding for the Wounded Warrior Project


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