Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Meet The Rider Billy Fultz # 736

Billy is another of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge's returning riders and is definitely a serious rider. After managing to complete the 2014 HHMC from Key West, Florida to Homer, Alaska in seven and a half days proves he is no slouch in the saddle and knows what it takes to reach the finish line.  He heard about the HHMC in 2011 but had other commitments so 2012 was his first challenge. Initially when hearing there was a prize in the first two challenges that was attractive to Billy, but really the long distance endurance riding was what he was what intrigued him.  After riding the first event "it was in his blood."

Entering for the first time he knew he was in for a new adventure. Talking with other riders and just challenging himself to see if he could do it. Riding 36 hrs. straight the first year really made him realize what sleep deprivation was and reaching the finish line that first year he felt like a zombie. By 2014 he "was definitely on his game" he knew what to expect when it came to navigating the directions and how important sleep was. Instead of missing his turns by hundreds of miles and a bike loaded down with "crap" he fine tuned his ride and is ready to take on another challenge.

The single most difficult thing he encountered was a thunderstorm he and fellow Texas rider Terry rode through where he couldn't even see the front tire. So what keeps him coming back for more? "The family aspect of it and the love for long distance endurance riding."

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