Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Meet The New Rider Jim Brinkworth # 918

Reading, movies, photography, scuba dive, hiking and motorcycle riding are just a few things Jim enjoys doing. He started riding as a teenager but didn't care much for city riding. His best friend encouraged him to start riding long distance and he was pleased to discover that was something he really liked. He looks at the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge as "Good Medicine" a global, social event that challenges us and tests our resolved and endurance and also a "doing for others."

He heard about the challenge through a friend and found the outdoor part of the challenge intriguing. Cross country on a motorcycle on secondary roads made him think about what it must have been like for the early settlers to travel. Testing his abilities to work through adversity. Going into the challenge he knows this will be a learning process and knows that who he starts with may not be who he finishes with because everyone has their own style of riding and comfort levels.

Doing a trial run with the gear he intends on taking has been good advice he plans to follow and until  provoked never gave much thought about reading directions. His friends are looking at what he is attempting to do and think he may have lost his mind "but they just don't understand."

Jim will be raising money for WATER 4. This is a water pump company who gives people the tools to improve their lives by being able to inexpensively drill a well and have clean water. His church has supported them for a while and have been able to supply hundreds of new pumps.  

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