Sunday, May 6, 2018

Meet The New Rider Eric Sprague # 879

This is a man who lives the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge life style. Traveling for months at a time sleeping next to his bike, "the way it should be." Riding, navigating without GPS, sleeping next to his stead are not a problem at all. He expects to see the finish line without concern for what that will take. He has been riding for 52 yrs. and has done it all. The longest ride he has ever done was 3 months where he never saw the inside of a hotel.

The experience of the HHMC brings thoughts of a brotherhood. He heard about the HHMC from a fellow Floridian and HHMC rider Chris. Eric knows this is not going to be easy but loves a good challenge. The only obstacle he has found is raising the money to do the challenge. Most of his friends are HHMC riders and they are encouraging him to do the event, the rest of his friends think he's crazy.

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