Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Meet the New Rider Jason Miller # 878

Jason started riding motorcycles at the young age of 5.   Not really sure what to expect from the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge riders he wasn't sure this was for him. He quickly learned his fears of not fitting in was unfounded because the HHMC riders are a family.

Since his acceptance to the challenge he has been riding a lot. Working to stay in shape over the long cold winter in Iowa has been his goal. His biggest obstacle is being away from his family for as long as he will be to ride the challenge. He feels that may be a huge hurtle while on the challenge for him mentally.

He plans to try packing the bike and heading out for long distance excursions prior to the challenge and practice reading directions and sleeping next to his stead. The best advice he has been given is to sleep when you need to and to stay hydrated, all great advice.

   Jason will be raising support for Rider Football Club. They provide leadership, sportsmanship, and building strong minds and bodies, and provide after school activities. The money raised provides scholarships to players who need financial assistance. Rider Club does not turn any kid away.

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