Saturday, May 5, 2018

Meet The Rider Jimmy Milas # 848

Jimmy is one of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenges returning Canadian riders who rode his first event in 2016. Others consider him adventurous. "I'm not scared to go somewhere I've never been." Hearing about the HHMC way back in 2011 when some of his friends mentioned and then running into a HHMC rider on a ferry who told him more about it. Starting out a little nervous in 2016 he forgot to fill up his bike before the challenge. But as these trials sometimes do he ended up connecting with a seasoned rider who help him calm his nerves and helping him to successfully reach the finish line as the 18th person across.

Preparing for the challenge can sometimes be difficult in Canada because of the weather. Maintenance for the bike can be an obstacle he has had to overcome. He ended up having to deviate up into New Brunswick in 2016 to get a new tire. That cost him 17 hrs.

In 2016 he thought he was going to just race through the country but that wasn't much fun. He plans on taking the time to stop and have a good meal each day and not riding the challenge so much at night. Converting mileage to kilometers was a constant battle and road signs are different in the US then they are in Canada hoping he won't make as many mistakes as he did in 2016.

Jimmy's friends think he lost is mind but his nephew wants to do the challenge one day.


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