Monday, May 14, 2018

Meet The New Rider Sean Winkler # 887

The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge has been one of Sean's biggest goals he has set for himself in a long time. He feels the HHMC is not something a lot of people are able to do. His love for riding combine with a challenge of this magnitude, he plans on putting everything he has into doing the challenge. He has reached out to other HHMC challengers to get advice on what will work to make his ride amazing.  He has been working away from the comforts of home to make sure he has the financial backing he needs to accomplish this task.

Sean has received sponsorship from Illinois Harley-Davidson and the Carpenters Union Local 13  and Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters His friends are very encouraging and are not surprised that he would take on a challenge that asks the rider to step out of their comfort zone of electronic assistance with navigation or sleeping in a nice comfortable bed. This is something that is in his blood.

Animals for Awareness is a nonprofit refuge for wild life he plans to support. He will also be supporting The Three Rangers Foundation. Donations can be made at Sean Winkler Hoka Hey Rider # 887  Pay Pal Me

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