Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Meet The New Rider Gareth Morgan # 915

With his motorcycle being his only means of transportation Gareth loves riding. When not on his bike he like to spend time at the beach diving and fishing. Spending at least 8 to 10 hrs. on trips have helped him train for the event. Pushing himself to be consistently riding and stay in the saddle as long as possible. With Florida rain all the time when he plans a ride he does not cancel just because it's raining. And although he tells his wife she doesn't have to go with if she  doesn't want to she is a trouper like he is and gears up. "The more experience I get the better." He is not one who is going to quit when things get tough.

Reaching out to purveyors for sponsorship he has as a chef has been helpful in providing funds for the event. He has started a web sight and has had a great reaction on social media. People want to follow him on his journey. He hopes to see the country in a way he has never seen it before. Meeting like minded people and form friendships with people he has something in common with.

His Dad was the first person he told about what he was going to this summer and at first his Dad  thought he was crazy, but now will be spending the time before the event with Gareth riding in Tennessee and North Carolina to get more experience in the twisties.

 He plans to ride for the Wounded Warriors Project because he has friends who have serve our country and struggle with PTSD.After running in to Adam Sandavol and Scooter and hearing what Adam has to say about the project motivated him to do something. He loves the freedom he has and is thankful for the ones who gave of themselves. It has taught him to really valley life.

Gareth has created a web page of his own for you to follow and find out more about him and his challenge. Cruzin 4 the Cauze

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