Sunday, April 8, 2018

Meet The Rider Robert Talbett Sr. # 832

Semi retired roofer from Albiano, NY. Dad gets to spend much more of his free time on the road. His first vehicle was a bike. Something that until lately he and son Robert Jr. did not have in common. Now that they have a Hoka Hey Motorcycle challenge behind them and have an idea of what to expect the plan is to finish. "Do the best you can and just stay strong." Thinking this was not going to be that big of a deal  for Rob Sr. and he was going to "BREEZE RIGHT THROUGH IT!" He is prepared to finish alone if he has to.

Assisting a fellow rider the first day of the challenge after she lost the shift lever somewhere in one of the three deserts we went across that first day of the 2016 challenge

was how Rob Jr and Sr. started the challenge. And finished with just as much integrity as they left with that first morning. Dad admits his son pushed him into riding the challenge but he didn't resist much.  The challenge has brought a bond between these two men that was missing and now they not only have each other but a whole new family.

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