Thursday, April 5, 2018

Meet The New Rider Bob Nelson # 873

"There is so much more I want to see," says Bob Nelson of Dayton, NV. That is one reason he decided to take the Hoka Hey Motorcycle challenge. Having a long ancestry with the Knights Templar and the warrior spirit in his blood could be another. Bob is not one who just ignores the urge to do something and waits for someone else to do it.

At one point in Bob's riding a motorcycle was his only means of transportation. He remembers going back and forth across the Treasure Island Bay bridge.   One of his favorite events to participate in is the Run For The Wall. Supporting veterans is were he will focus his fund raising efforts for the HHMC. Spending lots of time on the bike will prepare Bob for what he is facing in July but is very confident he will see the finish line.

 Bob will be doing his fund raising efforts for   Advocates to End Domestic Violence, a women's shelter that helps women free themselves from a domestic abuse environment and become self supporting.  They are located in Carson City, NV and all donations are utilized locally and  Northern Nevada Veterans Resource Center they provide veterans assistance through the Department of Veterans Affairs Supportive Services for veterans and families (SSVF) which focuses on homelessness.

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