Sunday, April 1, 2018

Meet the Rider Michael Conner # 67

A resident of Gilbert, AZ Michael has ridden many, many miles. But prior to the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge putting him in a  "zone he probably would not have gone on his own." Encouraged to see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in 2010 the wind was really knocked out of his sails when he learned while still in Montana there were riders already in Alaska.

Oh how your perspective changes over a few thousand miles in the saddle seeing the long and winding road to the finish line.  Pride, strength and determination are what it takes to accomplish that. Spending some hard miles lost and cold can make a rider want to quit. "You have to do your own soul searching." Reminded that we are all riding the same route and struggling with the same directions, one curve at a time.  "Ride your own ride."

     Teaming up with friend and Hoka Hey Brother Jim Herold #116 always brings a smile to Michael's face remembering the 68 miles with the gas light glowing up in Canada and Jim flying past. Sitting in a rest area with the promise of bears based on the signs Michael was seeing,  A renewed enthusiasm to keep going after Jim turned around to help his brother pick up his bike reiterates what the challenge is about to begin with. Over the 8 years the Hoka Hey has been taking place this kinship has been formed.

Michael is using the ride not only for this family but for other families who are can benefit through the  JDRF

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