Friday, April 6, 2018

Meet The New rider Brian Deml # 874

Brian Deml is from Owatonna, MN and is not "A main stream kind of guy." Growing up on two wheels, 4 hour adventures to his Grandpas cabin are one of the fond memories he has about motorcycle riding. No set route just " here's a road I never been on let's see where it goes."

Mentally preparing for the Hoka Hey Motorcycle challenge since 2010 but unable to get away from a family owned business, Brian's biggest obstacle is hoping the business will be fine while he is gone. Ground support from the tracker will allow the family and friends to keep track of him too.Advice Brian has received such as pay attention to the directions and eat well stick in his mind as things to be heeded. "You can get away with eating badly for a couple days but not long.

Being very involved with the CMA       Hoka Hey Run for the Son  as a member and an officer in the past made it easy to choose a great group of motorcyclist to help. Making transportation possible for pastors in foreign countries is the main focus on Brian's friends. Canoes, motorcycles, bicycles, what ever they need.

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