Friday, April 13, 2018

Meet The New Rider Thomas Snowden # 888

Thomas admits that every waking moment he is creating scenarios and what if's about the Hoka Hey Motorcycle challenge and how he would handle them. Most of his long distance riding has been on a leisurely pace. But he is the guy who will climb out on the cliff for just the right picture. He learned about the HHMC from a motorcycle magazine but not sure which one. He was intrigued by the riders and their stories of bravery and brotherhood and honesty and integrity.

He has a core group of supporters including HHMC riders and his Fiance and family and friends. He is taking this season to prepare by riding lots of long distance rides and continues to be involved with Amvets Post 29 and makes fund raising and helping a part of his everyday life. Thomas has already met several HHMC riders and looks forward to meeting  lots more.

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