Monday, April 9, 2018

Meet The Rider Robert Saunooke # 814

Robert gets lots of riding in done living in Plantation, Fl.  Five years ago motorcycle riding was just one of many things Robert like to do for fun but has narrowed things down to riding. Long distances for crazy adventures such as hotdogs and cheeseburgers, but also stepping out and riding to bring help to family. Robert is not a risk taker. "Fear is not real. It is the substance of your imagination over things that don't exist and may never exist. Danger is real! But you must prepare for it. Fear is the only thing that can concur your spirit without ever coming into existence." Preparing as much as possible helps over come obstacles.

Roberts wife is his BIGGEST supporter although lots of Floridian friends have rekindled a feeling he had when suffering, sacrificing and bonding while spending endless hours with his football family 30 years ago. But not just Florida, anywhere Robert knows a Hoka Hey family friend is out there ready to break bread or pull back a throttle. What ever the occasion dictates. And when ever asked to chip in for a project he believes, "Much is given then much is required."

Because this is not Roberts first HHMC he says he has nothing left to prove feeling his perspective on life has changed 100% and lives literally like tomorrow may not come. His advice for a new rider is "Enjoy the ride, you can never ride the HHMC and be the same."

Robert will be raising money for  Leukemia Lymphoma society and especially for the benefit of Ansley Saunooke who is his 4 year old niece with Leukemia.

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