Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Meet The Rider Brad Edmonds # 867

Brad had been looking for the Hoka Hey Motorcycle challenge for a long time but didn't know it. His love for motorcycles started at a very young age of 6 . After reading about the challenge he realized he wanted to be a part of this. The road was in his blood. Why hadn't he heard of this sooner?

Very glad in 2016 to run into Chuck and his clip board mounted directions, until they realized they had gone 250 miles the wrong way.  This year his goal is to cross the finish line by the end of the road party date. That gives 14 full days of riding to do 10K miles averaging around 750 miles a day.

Brad is riding the 2018 HHMC in honor of his wife Lina Edmonds. She always supported his passion for long distance riding. She'll be with him in spirit. He will be riding for the Wounded Warrior retreat located in Georgia.

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