Sunday, April 15, 2018

Meet The New Rider Lee De Leonard # 892

Lee has traveled extensively and would like to one day do the four corners that include Alaska. He finds a warrior spirit in himself to always challenge himself. Once told he was too old to ride it gave him motivation to push even harder. Prior to the July event he and his riding partner Robert plan to do a 5 day 5K challenge packing out were they find it seasonable enough to camp. Lee bought a Harley as a requirement to ride the Hoka Hey Motorcycle challenge and felt it was important to have dealers to do any work needed.

Advice to pack light has been a focus for Lee. But reading the directions is going to be their biggest obstacle. Networking through social media has really help Lee and others to brain storm about how they are planning to do things such as read directions and sleep.

The Wounded Warrior Project will be benefiting from Lee's efforts.

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