Monday, April 2, 2018

Meet the New Rider Aaron Doty # 871

50 Miles East of Detroit in Macomb, MI is where Aaron rides in from. A very long and rewarding carrier in the United States Air Force, 40 yrs. 8 months and 13 days to be exact calls the Hoka Hey Motorcycle challenge a personal challenge. Aaron is very focused although he has never done anything like this but has a never quit attitude. He believes the definition of a warrior is someone who doesn't give up.

Spending extended times without the creature comforts is something Aaron understands all to well after spending 30 days in the woods on a practice mission, eating rabbits and chipmunks and worms and bugs. Physically, he feels very ready to ride 10K miles on his 2017 Limited. He knows it is not a race but more about endurance. Eating properly while riding long days is important.

Working with others for the Amvets Post 29 has really made him aware that there are lots of people in need. "Sometimes pride gets in the way of them taking the help but you just have to try to give them help anyway." Aaron learned about the challenge through a fellow member Brian Edwards who was very excited about his experience and found lots of encouragement to give this year a try.

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