Friday, July 27, 2012

Then Came Bronson

I have been riding for 42 years and obtained my MC license on my 16th birthday. That year, 1970, I bought a Honda 305 Super Hawk and road the Oregon and California coast Highway 101. I was extremely motivated by the show Then Came Bronson "Where you headed? Where ever my bike takes me..." I was also motivated to live my life before 18 and a likely Vietnam draft. Slept next to my bike with only a cheap sleeping bag and no tent or tarp, the clothes I was wearing and $2.35 in my pocket.  So I encouraged tourists to take photos of me and my bike for a donation. It worked; I received money, food, clothing, lots of advice and many life stories of personal adventures. A few of the people said "I wish I did this when I was your age". I had 3 flats on the back tire and I was offered help within minutes each time.  In those days, no one passed you by if you broke down.

A friend called me in early 2010, telling me about the Hoka Hey Challenge. After reading about it, I knew this was for me.

2010 start date of 6/20 was my daughter's birthday. I could not make 2010 or 2011 but I am doing the 2012 as rider #729.

I want to challenge myself to complete this and prove I still have the Warrior Spirit in me. Last week, on a practice run to Reno Nevada, I threw down a tarp and bag in the desert and had the best night’s sleep in years.

Thank you Hoka Hey Challenge for this opportunity.

Hoka Hey!!

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  1. Good Luck to you Sir, to all other riders, and the Hoka Hey organizers. Thanks to the Fleet Tracking I will be rooting for you guys. This is like watching the Superbowl and Olympics all in one. You guys are my hero's. Hoka Hey!